The vision of Tailored Smoke will be realized by the consistent execution of our mission in the 4 fundamental pillars below:

PHYSICAL LOCATION:  Each location will be clean and comfortable.  All furniture will be comfortable and conducive for convivial conversation or working in a relaxed environment.  Music and television programming will complement the environment that is welcoming for a diverse customer base.

PRODUCT:  We will provide a wide variety of premium and ultra-premium cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco and associated accessories to complement the Pipe and Cigar Lifestyle.  Products will be displayed in a clean and well-organized fashion that is appealing to all potential customers.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE:  Whether in one of our lounges or at one of our events, EACH customer will receive tailored service to enhance their experience.  This includes helping the customer choose a cigar that matches their taste preference, time available, and budget.  We will offer to cut each cigar in the preferred manner (punch, V, or straight), as well as, light the cigar.

PERSONNEL:  The TS staff will maintain a professional and uniform appearance and display the Tailored Smoke Logo at all times.  It is expected that each employee knows the basic profile of every cigar offered.  It is further expected that each employee has a knowledge of basic cigar construction, nomenclature, and regions.  The staff is responsible for providing EACH customer with a premium Tailored Cigar Experience.