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How To Choose The Right Cigar

With literally HUNDREDS of cigars to choose from, finding the right one for you can be a daunting task. The first step to choosing a great cigar that you will enjoy is understanding the basic Flavor Profile of cigars. Premium cigars come in 4 basic flavor profiles: Infused, Mild, Medium, and Full. As it goes with all “rules of thumb”, there are definitely exceptions to the guidelines below, but typically you should be able to find the type of cigar that you’re in the mood for by following these.

Infused Cigars 

This is a relatively new trend in Premium Cigars. Much like tea, coffee, and some alcohols, Infused Cigars have flavors that have been added by the cigar maker. It can be difficult to know what the added flavor combination just based on the name, so the best way to preview is by smelling the cigar to allow its aroma to inform your taste buds.

Mild bodied cigars most often have a Connecticut wrapper. The appearance is a light-brown or tan. Mild cigars can have subtle floral or fruity notes. Its not unusual to have a buttery undertone in the retrohale (exhaling through the nose). Mild cigars are excellent for new cigar smokers and for experienced smokers early in the day or before a meal.


Medium bodied cigars are generally darker in appearance than the Mild cigars. It is not uncommon for Medium cigars to have a very smooth taste, notes of earth, leather, sweet spices are typical in this flavor profile.


Full bodied cigars can have an appearance that ranges from brown to nearly black. Bold notes of pepper and spice are characteristic of a full bodied cigar. Unless you are an experienced cigar smoker, its not recommended to smoke one of these cigars on an empty stomach.

How To Prepare Your Humidor

A humidor must be prepared in advance to properly preserve cigars. The interior walls of the humidor must be “seasoned” to prevent the humidor itself from drying out the cigars. The instructions for doing this are found below. You will need: Distilled Water, paper towel, and a shot glass. IMPORTANT – DO NOT USE Tap water or normal bottled water as they have added chemicals that will negatively affect your cigars.

Step 1

Moisten the paper towel and wipe down all interior walls. Repeat until the wood is saturated.

Step 2

Soak the humidifier that came with the humidor in distilled water.

Step 3

Fill the shot glass with the distilled water and place it and the humidifier inside the humidor with the lid shut. Keep closed for 24-hours.

Step 4

Remove the shot glass, you humidor is now ready to hold cigars. For proper care you want to maintain your cigars between 60% and 70% humidity. To do so re-soak the humidifier in distilled water as necessary.


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